The Boring 2013 Actor Data Entry Reflection Version

Not an official post, but this is the not-so-fun data entry version of how I reflect back on 2013 from an actor’s point of view (the more, ahem, human version can be seen here). I have done this every end of the year for the past 3 years and I know this will never, ever stop. Feel free to take a look (and see how nutty I am).


# of theatrical auditions received through HTW (left them on 5/8): 2
# of theatrical auditions received through Sovereign (starting 5/8): 15
# of theatrical auditions received through Del Corral (starting 7/30): 1
# of theatrical auditions received through Houghton Talent (starting 10/30): 1
# of theatrical auditions received through Stein Ent. Group: 11

# of TOTAL theatrical auditions through reps: 30
# of TOTAL callbacks: 5
# of TOTAL avails: 1
# of projects booked: 0

** Agency/Manager Theatrical Success: 0% **

# of theatrical auditions through self-submission: 25
# of callbacks: 5
# of bookings: 12
1. 1/26/13 – Apocalypse Postponed (USC Stark Program short)
2. 3/17/13 – Mayor of KTOWN (webseries)
3. 3/27/13 – Fantasy (Funny or Die skit)
4. 4/14/13 – Glitz & Glam (webseries)
5. 5/1/13 – Run DMZ (webseries with dumbfoundead)
6. 5/3/13 – The Controller (indie short)
7. 6/16/13 – But He Black! (YouTube short)
8. 6/24/13 – ISAtv AT&T “Take Your Shot” (internet promo)
9. 9/29/13 – The Morning After (student film)
10. 10/15/13 – Dawn of the Crescent Moon (low-budget feature film)
11. 11/11/13 – The Ladies Room (webseries shooting Jan 2014)
12. 11/24/13 – Watching A Monster (indie short)
** Self-Submission Theatrical Success: 48% **

# of shorts I made on my own:
1. 6/1/13 – Puppet Town (AAFL 72 Hour Film Fest)
2. 7/26/13 – Doggie Date (BHP short film assignment)
3. 12/14/13 – I Love You (passion project)

– Dawn of the Crescent Moon I got myself but I allowed my Sovereign theatrical agent to take a 10% cut as they helped out with negotiations. The film marks a victory in being a lead for my very first feature film shot outside of LA
– When it comes to auditions through reps, it was the worst year I’ve ever had but when it comes to my own initiative, it’s the best year I’ve ever had.
– I experienced being a lead in more projects that I can count, and had my first chemistry reads where the supporting actors were cast around me. Win.
– 5 of the bookings I got on my own were technically through relations I already had (as in no need to audition). This makes it the best year in terms of work I got just through people knowing me alone.
– 3 of the works were through my own initiatives, so this also marks the best year in terms of creating my own content.

# of commercial auditions received through HTW (left them on 5/8): 4
# of commercial auditions received through AKA (starting 5/8): 52
# of callbacks: 14
# of avails: 3
# of bookings: 3
1. 9/20/13 – Denny’s
2. 11/15/13 – ___________
3. 12/19/13 – McDonald’s

** Commercial Success ratio: 5%

– My 11/15/13 commercial booking is probably the biggest commercial I have ever done, in terms of its usage and how long it’s going to run for. Hence, the _____.
– The McDonald’s one is a repeat from last year (and same month), with the same ad agency. Hell yeah.
– Getting 52 auditions with AKA in 7 months was an awesome trip for me. And to book 3 nationals in nearly 3 months? A massive blessing.
– 2013 marks the best commercial year I’ve had, in terms of the scale of the commercials (nonunion commercials are great but pay very little).


Overall, 2013 proved to be quite a challenging year but as I look at my statistics, it was a year worth having as I saw the value in collaborating with people you know and creating your own projects. That’s the lesson I learned for this year and I seek to continue the passion for 2014 as I create my Cinnabon spec commercials, more short film projects, and more collaborations. And of course, hopefully more bookings to help out my theatrical agents & manager.

By August, it then turned around into arguably the best year I ever had with amazing huge bookings in the commercial & theatrical realm. This career is reliably unpredictable.

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