True Friends & Blunt Honesty in LA

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a man who was ruled by his emotions. As time went by, I learned to hone the extreme edges that my emotions can spill out  (and I still have a long way to go). But if there’s anything that has remained with me over the years is that I wear my heart on my sleeves and as I got older, I started to have an extremely low tolerance to bullshit.

These two somewhat opposite characteristics have been a great asset to my time here in Los Angeles, a city where many will claim to be your friends but only few will truly prove to be so. My personality is so defined in its passionate, bluntly honest, snarky/righteous stamp that I completely acknowledge that it takes time for people to truly be comfortable with me. Many will be completely turned off by it and want nothing to do with me or just rather watch idly from the sidelines.

Before I even came to LA, this aspect about me used to be something that would be a heavy issue for me as a child since I wanted everybody to be my friend and love me. Throughout my childhood, it made my existence rather lonely and sometimes unbearable. Now, while I can’t quite say I could care less, but I can definitely say this clear definition serves me quite well in the city of Angels, a city that is filled with those who rather not know who you really are, but what you can provide to them. I have noticed my personality seems to be some sort of a smelly poo-poo repellent for those types of people.

To that, I say awesome.

For those that clicked with me right away or got used to my bizarre charm over time, I hold onto those as tight as I can because I know that my success as an actor here in LA is absolutely meaningless if I don’t have a true sense of community and love to serve as my anchor. The people who not only praise me, but criticize me, keep it real for me, and tolerate me when I reach manic moments in my life (there are more than I would like to admit, despite my rather organized demeanor). I know I have that. I’m blessed to have that. I am, simply, utterly grateful to have that.

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