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Actor Tax Deductible Sh!t

Oh taxes.

With your taxes being due on April 15th, it’s time for many of us actors to get cracking on what you can deduct, what you can’t, and little nuances you should know.¬†As we all know all too well, being an actor, especially in Los Angeles, is an extremely costly affair that we hope one day will yield into profits multiple times over. But until then, our expenses we make for the sake of our career can, for the time being, be used for tax refunds which CAN be awesome news when done correctly. These are the things to keep in mind and if any of these are incorrect or more stuff can be added, please feel free to comment! So here goes:
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Persistence, Part II

This is a continuation from my post about persistence last Sunday, but this time it’s more specific to the audition world through your theatrical reps (thus having nothing to do with works you create on your own or collaborate with):

As of March 23rd, I’ve been blessed with the auditions my reps has gotten me so far this year, even though I have yet to book anything. Persistence is the key word, I valiantly tell myself. And followups for every single audition to the casting office and occasionally to the exec producers/showrunners (for now, just doing that with all the theatrical auditions).

THEATRICAL with Sovereign Talent Group + Stein Entertainment Group
– 21 theatrical auditions (out of those, 4 series regular auditions)
– 1 pin for a co-star

THEATRICAL with Houghton Talent (Atlanta agency)
– 9 theatrical auditions
– 1 callback for guest star

COMMERCIALS with AKA Talent Agency
– 21 commercial auditions
– 1 callback
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A Cinnabontastic Birthday to Kat Cole + A Cinnabon Love Poem

True to its namesake, even though this blog is dedicated to my acting career and giving advice to actors in LA and all over, the core in all of this is my love for Cinnabon.

So I write this today because March 18th marks the birthday of the one and only Kat Cole who the world may know her as the Cinnabon CEO but I know her as the extremely intelligent, compassionate extraordinaire.
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Persist your motherf*cking heart out.

This blog post is not going to be one of those articles you see where they talk about actors who achieved success later in life sugary feel-good kind of articles. Why? Because most of them deal with actors who already are repped by well known, huge agencies or already had a good string of guest stars and are trying to become successful that they are internationally known. I’m not interested in any of that silliness.

I’m speaking out to all the actors who are busting their asses off just trying to pay RENT and FOOD with their acting career alone. To the actors who would kill to even be tested for a series regular. To the actors who are extremely talented but for whatever reason, no agent wants to sign them.

This one is for you.

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IMDb is stupid. Extremely stupid. And greedy.

I’ve always thought IMDb was pretty dumb, especially their dirty pimp whore of a brother, IMDbPRO. While IMDbPRO’s usefulness is made through being able to see the clients an agent or manager has, the contact info for industry folks (although they get their addresses wrong more often than not for casting directors), there’s a gnawing suspicion that I have had ever since I first paid my subscription for it several years ago:

I strongly believe that IMDb is actually run by a bunch of deficient money-grubbing monkeys.
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The Value of Expensive Acting Career Consultants

For this week’s post, this will serve as a rather blunt opinionated post as well as a genuine question to any actors out there who partake in this. So if this offends you, please express your thoughts fully so I can understand. With that being said:

Why the shitballs would an actor pay $100 (or over) an hour for acting career consultation?
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The Neglected Importance of Casting Directors

3/5/18 UPDATE – It’s been 4 years since I wrote this article and casting directors still got the short end of the stick during last night’s Oscars.

1/11/15 UPDATE – Considering that not a single actor thanked the casting director on the Golden Globes, this article merits repeating once again.



After seeing the Oscars last night, I have come to notice that not a single actor acknowledged the casting director in any of the acceptance speeches. I find this a bit puzzling as I truly believe they play a key part in ways that most people (especially actors) don’t seem to acknowledge. And yes, this even applies to getting the A-listers on any TV show or film. Read on to find more..Please love me Continue reading The Neglected Importance of Casting Directors