A Cinnabontastic Birthday to Kat Cole + A Cinnabon Love Poem

True to its namesake, even though this blog is dedicated to my acting career and giving advice to actors in LA and all over, the core in all of this is my love for Cinnabon.

So I write this today because March 18th marks the birthday of the one and only Kat Cole who the world may know her as the Cinnabon CEO but I know her as the extremely intelligent, compassionate extraordinaire.

With the most recent The Atlantic article on how to succeed professionally by helping others, it was only appropriate they use Kat as their first bright example. In my 3 hour meeting with her, it is clearly evident that her immense drive, talent, dedication, and compassion goes not only to her company, but to her friends and family, and people she meets for the first time, whether meeting a Cinnabon obsessed actor for a few hours or going to Africa and contributing herself constantly for humanitarian efforts.

Photo by Melly Lee
Photo by Melly Lee from the 2/10/14 NextShark interview

Meeting Kat and getting to know her was one of the greatest moments in my time here in LA, let alone this planet, because she is a tremendous inspiration that continuously reinforces my passion and dreams in what I am pursuing as well. Like her, I strive to GIVE as much as I can and help out others to the best of my ability and have them be the best most awesomest people they can be. It is therefore beautiful that such people exist on this planet and I can’t help but smile knowing that there are hard-working giving individuals who make this world a better place.

So dear Kat, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a most awesome Cinnabontastic birthday.

And now, I leave you (and everybody here) with a love poem I wrote to this gluttonous delight:

A Love Letter to Cinnabon


Oh how I love thee.

When I first took a bite of you
there were hallelujahs raining down
upon my unsuspecting taste buds
I reveled in your blissfully sweet taste,
a taste that is made only complete by
the soft bread layers that gets even softer
as I reach the center of your magnificence,
Your seductive cinnamon brown sugar
wrapped with the bread layers like a love-struck fool,
and the incomparable white cream frosting
that makes time go still.

You’re quite a lovely contradiction
for you are so
sinfully gluttonous
with your 880 calories,
yet so heavenly satisfying
in the blissful smile that you give me.

You are a mystical comfort healer
in all the strangest ways
every time I had
unhappy days,
confused days,
depressed days,
heartbroken days,
and days that just plain sucked.

I find it beautifully odd how I can find
so much joy
so much solace
I take.

I find peace in knowing that
you are always there for me
shining in your bright blue and white sign
always there to greet me with your sweet smile
in the form of a swirl that spirals into perfection.

Happy birthday, Kat Cole!
Happy birthday, Kat Cole!


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