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One Year Older, Potentially The Wiser

So today’s my birthday.

By this point, it’s been over 4 years since I’ve moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue my dream of being a unicorn  actor and with each passing year, I’m beginning to slowly but surely understand this maddening journey of what it takes to be a working actor in Los Angeles. But more importantly, I see myself evolving as a person and that is what this post is all about. Because while I value my career significantly, I cannot forgot about life, its simple things, and the fellow travelers that are with me as I go through this journey.

Photography credit: Matt Molloy
Photography credit: Matt Molloy

So I have a few things to say, most of these feelings prompted by the UCSB shooting which took place on May 25th, 2014:
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The Value Of Getting Regional Agents (If you’re an LA actor)

Good day, my Cinnaminions! I’ll start this post off with a narcissistic announcement that I booked a supporting lead for an indie film called HOT AIR, which stars Jere Burns, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Schulyer Fisk (you can read more about it in this THR article).  I’ll be playing Agent Xu, a rookie FBI agent who chases Jere Burns throughout the film with my partner. From May 19th to June 10th, I’ll be in Austin to shoot this film as well as having a vacation away from LA.

Okay, with said narcissistic announcement out of the way, I got this awesome part (which has about 8-9 days of work under a SAG modified low budget contract) through my New Orleans agent at Del Corral & Associates.

“New Orleans? Huh? Edward, aren’t you based in LA?”

Why yes I am. So for today, ladies and gentlemen, let’s talking about the value of getting regional agents if you’re an LA actor 🙂
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Casting Workshops and Lazy Agents/Managers

Throughout this year, I’ve had a lot of thoughts when it came to casting workshops (you can read the pro side and the con side) and while I believe still there is a usefulness to doing them, a recent thing has come up with my conversations that I had with fellow actor friends that has compelled me to write what I’m about to say. It’s going to be a bit testy and controversial so if you disagree heavily, I am always down to see your comments and have a discussion.

Agents and managers who demand/request their actors to take casting workshops are utterly useless.


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