A Cinnabontastic Look Back at the Year of 2014

My my, what a year this 2014 turned out to be in the acting world. This is going to be a long and EXTREMELY detailed entry so here goes nothing: Compared to last year, I had a lot more theatrical auditions from my reps this year around and with several close calls too (3 avails to be precise). This is also the year that marked a significant moment in transitions as I am moving away from one-line costars and thereby turning down these co-star auditions that were requested by casting. As such, I turned down 5 because I deemed them to be inconsequential. 3 I turned down because I was booked out with other projects. In terms of booking projects from my reps, it’s still pretty abysmal but at the very least, it’s one more than last year (so just one booking total) as I booked a supporting lead in the indie feature HOT AIR with Matthew Gray Gubler and Jere Burns that I shot in Austin for 3 weeks in May. This I count as one of the many reasons why I’m super grateful to have regional agents.

What makes this year different than any other year I’ve been in LA is that I’ve directly booked 4 projects solely through my demo reel and/or word of mouth. It would have been 5 with the booking of THE MILLERS but the folks at CBS still had me audition anyways before they put me on avail and released me just as such. Still, this is simply telling me that my material is strong enough to hold on its own and that my reputation as a good actor is starting to be known. With the exception of the AFI thesis, the 3 other projects were paid and thus another great sign that I’m onto something. What it is, I’m not quite sure, but I just have a good feeling about it 🙂 2014 was also a significant year that I got to fulfill my wish of being in two play productions, and with me being cast in THE WHY at the Blank Stage Theatre, it also led to being brought in to audition for Impressions Inc. & ROM.COM as the former was thanks to the casting director of that play and the latter being one of the cast mates who works for Cracked.com. This was the most immediate example of “work begets work”.

Being the Cinnabon Monster, arguably the best moment of 2014 was when I got to actually meet Kat Cole, the CEO of my obsession, and entertain the idea of a possible creative collaboration. It has yet to happen but at the very least, the seeds have been planted.

When April 7th, 2015 rolls around, it will be 5 year anniversary of being with Beverly Hills Playhouse and even after being there for over 4 and a half years, I’m now seeing the outside benefits of being involved with such a passionate acting community. This month I shot the pilot presentation UR IN ANALYSIS as one of the series regulars, all thanks to the creator Mickey Gooch who thought of me 2 years prior. It’s almost surreal to see it become a stunning reality where we have folks like Hana Mae Lee, Charles Michael Davis, Randy Wayne, Kane Hodder, Julie Gonzalo, and Michael Weston all eager to be part of this project, and me acting alongside with them. When I finished that, I went right into the indie romantic comedy feature GOING TOGETHER (directed by Sophie Webb) and that was made possible when she asked around BHP folks a good Asian American actor who can play the uptight type very well for one of the leads. Naturally, all fingers led to me. No audition necessary, just one look at the demo reel was enough for her to trust that I can deliver the goods.

In the commercial world, 2014 was not my best commercial year in terms of all the other years I’ve had but nevertheless, I’m glad to have booked 2 commercials even though I was unavailable for most of May and for most of December due to filming other projects. However, this does mark the most commercial auditions I’ve had in one year so I know I’m going to help keep the momentum up with the consistent followups I do with the commercial casting offices (even though a large part is in thanks to the amazing folks at AKA Talent Agency).

So with that being said, here’s the detailed report:

# of theatrical auditions received through Sovereign: 33
# of theatrical auditions received through Stein Ent. Group: 11
# of theatrical auditions received through Del Corral: 4
# of theatrical auditions received through Houghton Talent: 12
# of TOTAL theatrical auditions: 60

# of auditions I turned down because I was booked out or the role was inconsequential: 8
# of TOTAL callbacks: 3
# of TOTAL avails: 3

# of projects booked: 1 out of 52 (8 taken out because I turned them down)
1. 5/20/14 – Hot Air (a feature film shot in Austin as one of the leads)

# of TOTAL theatrical auditions through self-submission: 23
# of callbacks: 3

# of projects booked: 7 out of 23
1. 2/22/14 – Kids Out Loud (a short film)
2. 4/12/14 – Rituals: A Bacchanalia (a vignette play from The Vagrancy)
3. 8/26/14 – Sons of the Devil (a short film)
4. 10/2/14 – THE WHY (A Blank Theatre play)
5. 10/19/14 – Impressions Inc. (A Cadillac-sponsored short film)
6. 11/19/14 – ROM.COM (a Cracked.com webseries)
7. 12/8/14 – Ur In Analysis (a pilot presentation)
** Self-Submission Theatrical Success:30% **

# of projects booked solely through my demo reel or word of mouth: 4
1. 1/18/14 – CreatorUp FRCC WORK SKILLS
2. 8/16/14 – Portal A Internet Strangler (an internet commercial)
3. 11/3/14 – The Tenant (an AFI Thesis short film)
4. 12/18/14 – Going Together (an indie romcom feature film as one of the main leads)

# of commercial auditions through AKA Talent Agency: 69
# of callbacks: 10
# of avails: 4

# of bookings: 2 out of 69
1.6/27/14 – Bud Light
2. 11/22/14 – Samsung Galaxy Note
** Commercial Success: 2.8% **

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