The 5 Year Reflection Mark

Although 5 years being in the entertainment business as an actor is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, I’ve had my fair share of successes, rejections, close calls (those damn avails/pins), and being dead broke twice within that time period and thus working very interesting daytime jobs that I’ll always remember fondly despite whatever experiences I had there.

I’ve seen fellow actors who started out in the same time & place as I did rise far above me, actors who barely put in any work book like a thunderstorm, and actors who I view as absolute masters struggle far more than I ever did, to the point that I question this industry we hustle so hard for and get very little results. Sometimes I wonder what the point of it all is and how long I have to work to get any form of validation that I’m even doing the right thing.

But despite these thoughts, I’m still very much in the game. And every success I achieve, whether it be referrals to be in a staged reading/short film/webseries, be the few to be specifically picked by casting for a role in a TV show, be in someone’s mind for 2 years for a role in a pilot presentation, be noted for my progress on an acting scene I worked my ass off in for class, or just be acting PERIOD…all of this, they are one step forward to continue doing what I love to do. It can be hard to see the silver linings when we are only looking for the shiniest and brightest ones when in reality, they are all around us.

Failure is totally acceptable. And necessary. And so is envy & jealousy, but only when I realize it exists within me and work to improve myself and learn to be genuinely happy for others and most importantly, for myself. But above it all, it is the journey that is most important. To truly appreciate my own path and those of my fellow travelers I see alongside me in wherever destination they go to and appreciate the people that support & love me in my greatest moments and my most pathetic ones.

So. Here’s to 5 more years and 5 more years after that and so on. Here’s to all of us who have persisted despite everything in the universe telling us to quit and still found a way to achieve success and even happiness.

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