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The Death of Casting Workshops (Long Live Casting Workshops?)

Casting director workshops. These three words as an actor will either make you very excited or absolutely miserable, depending on your experiences with them. Over two years ago, I wrote two different articles on this: one that favored casting director workshops, and on the other side, an article that showed the dark side of taking them. I bring this up because in the past two weeks, major shifts have happened in the LA casting world as The Hollywood Reporter wrote an article about casting workshops and from that, Scott David got relieved from his head casting director duties on Criminal Minds. About a week after that, The Vampire Diaries head casting director Greg Orson cancelled his classes in Atlanta.

It’s safe to say that at this moment, casting workshops are seen in a rather dubious light and throughout this time, I’ve had a few actors ask me what I thought of all of this. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized how extremely difficult it was to see where I truly stand.

Let the records show that I cannot deny I’ve had some success as an actor because of casting workshops. Let it also be known before I get into this that I have the utmost respect for casting directors. They are some of the most unappreciated folks in the industry and having several friends in that world, I know the long, grueling hours they commit to getting the BEST actors they need for the projects they are casting.

So to be fair to all sides of the argument, I might as well start from the beginning:
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