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Most Popular Actor Questions (Part I)

These questions are directly from the most frequent actor questions that were gathered in the Facebook group page CASTING DIRECTORS FOR ACTORS, which was founded by casting director Jeremy Gordon and monitored by him and myself. Considering I have no doubt there will be more questions in the future, this is only part 1 out of many more entries to come. So without further adieu:
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The Neglected Importance of Casting Directors


3/5/18 UPDATE – It’s been 4 years since I wrote this article and casting directors still got the short end of the stick during last night’s Oscars.

1/11/15 UPDATE – Considering that not a single actor thanked the casting director on the Golden Globes, this article merits repeating once again.



After seeing the Oscars last night, I have come to notice that not a single actor acknowledged the casting director in any of the acceptance speeches. I find this a bit puzzling as I truly believe they play a key part in ways that most people (especially actors) don’t seem to acknowledge. And yes, this even applies to getting the A-listers on any TV show or film. Read on to find more..Please love me Continue reading The Neglected Importance of Casting Directors

Casting director workshops! (The Nay Version)

Not too long after I posted the entry about casting director workshops and how to best utilize them, I got immediate criticism, mainly from casting director Billy DaMota and others who insisted that these workshops are a waste of time & money, and worst of all, they are a scam that rips off actors (Billy also went on to nitpick my resume and asked why I have 6 co-stars on it from network TV shows). So for today’s entry, let’s look from the perspective of why casting director workshops are not ideal and if there are any POSSIBLE solutions I can theorize if casting director workshops were to be banned forever.

I must stress here that I am a supporter of casting director workshops but I also see a lot of problems with it and see where people can get disgruntled about it.  So here we go!
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