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Challenge Accepted! 50 Acting Administrative Actions Per Week

NOTE: I was supposed to write the Nay version of casting director workshops but I still need more to gather SENSIBLE information that is not based on bitter actors who don’t know how to make efficient and smart use of workshops. It will be coming up for sure but for now, here’s another entry to take its place

In my Beverly Hills Playhouse acting class (holy moly, it’ll be my 4 years there by April 6th), my teachers have enlisted us to undertake a task and that is to take 50 administrative actions per week that advances your career forward starting on February 4th. I decided to try it for myself earlier and see how I do. In terms of what I define an action to be, it can be from having an audition, tweeting to your favorite writer to writing a passionate letter to a producer, creating new postcards, and so on. A singular tweet or a postcard is considered one action as taking an action doesn’t mean it has to be a grand gesture of enormous display. Just anything that is geared towards my acting career.

Do I expect immediate results from this? No. Have I seen some form of results from doing actions like these at some point? Most definitely. Whether it be for myself knowing that I will always have some form of production going on (it sure beats sitting on my ass and moping about why my career isn’t at his level and blahblah) or having a casting director I followup with consistently bring me directly in for a series regular callback with producers, I know that by doing this I can take accountability of my career.

So I hope my actions help you guys to inspire you to take actions of your own. It certainly don’t have to be 50 per week but enough to get you going. With that being said, here we go!
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