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The Curse (Blessing) of The “Dry Acting Year”

life--endure the hardships in life
As actors, every once in a while, we all reach the dry spells where it feels like the acting gods are against us. And as the overdramatic bunch that we are, we tend to look at these moments and cry out “This is such an awful year! Why me? Why are my less talented friends booking left and right? When will it be my turn??” There’s nothing necessarily wrong with feeling like this, even the best of us can’t help but feel concerned. And this year of 2015 certainly felt like that and so I began to post multiple inspirational examples of actor perseverance and just say to myself over and over again “I’m having such a tough year.” Around August though, with the help of a very talented and very wise acting friend named Landall Goolsby, I changed my perspective to be that of something else, something that transcended my momentary concerns. To explain what that is fully, I invite you all to take some time as I tell you this story I overheard from a customer at the Goorin hat shop I work at. Be patient, you’ll get a lot out of this. Trust me 🙂

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A Cinnabontastic Birthday to Kat Cole + A Cinnabon Love Poem

True to its namesake, even though this blog is dedicated to my acting career and giving advice to actors in LA and all over, the core in all of this is my love for Cinnabon.

So I write this today because March 18th marks the birthday of the one and only Kat Cole who the world may know her as the Cinnabon CEO but I know her as the extremely intelligent, compassionate extraordinaire.
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